Mission, Vision and Values


MISSION Guarantee superiority in service and the best options of investments for our clients, always praising for independence, transparency and exemption.
VISON Be the best Brazilian wealth management regarding value creation for our clients, partners and contributors.



Quadrante Investimentos does not receive any third party compensation. Our clients are our sole source of revenue.

Focus exclusively on our clients

being exclusively compensated by our clients, Quadrante Investimentos is totally focused in maximizing returns to our clients given each individual risk profile.

Excellence in Compliance

All partners and contributors act according to regulations and internal politics. We are regulated by CVM and adhere to the Código de Melhores Praticas (Code of Best Practices) from AMBIMA.


Our internal process strives to guarantee precision and integrity of information allowing the team to notice and correct eventual discrepancies.


All partners and contributors work at the highest level of integrity.


Each client has a personal number which is only known by Quadrante’s staff, keeping its data safe. Our members and collaborators must keep confidentiality about day to day operations data according to contract and internal policies.

Absence of Conflict of Interest

As an independent manager, Quadrante is totally free from having conflict of interest. We chose the best products solely based in technical analysis.