Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding our Model

A financial advisor works to build an investment portfolio that suits the clients risk profile and expected return. An investment portfolio needs to reflect the clients financial expectations and life objectives.
The independent advisor defends their clients interest exclusively.

A banker or broker represents their institution. They are compensated by generating costs for their clients. Commissions and placement fees generate a conflict of interest. The best product for the bank may not be the best product for the client. The independent advisor benefits by minimizing costs and maximizing risk adjusted returns for their client.
It is important to understand that Quadrante Investimentos is not a bank or a financial institution. Quadrante is an independent wealth manager that works together with renouned financial institutions. So, you do not need to open a account to become a client at Quadrante.
No, the investor does not run any credit risk from Quadrante Investimentos. Custody of the assets from Quadrante`s clients stays in the top of the line banks and brokerages firms. Quadrante exerts the role of financial advisor to the client.
Quadrante receives exclusively from its clients in two different fees: Administration and Performance. Administration fee is charged as a percentage of the clients assets. The performance fee, on the other hand, is a reward for good performance from the portfolio and is equal to a percentage charged from the result above the benchmark agreed for the portfolio.
A lot is talked in the financial markets about returns. Quadrante knows what is needed for its client to achieve returns that comprehend their expectations. However, its very important to analyze the risk needed to achieve this return. Quadrante works with risk limiters for all our portfolios. This way, our clients can be assured that we will not incur in any unnecessary risk to maximize profits.

Besides that, Quadrantes structure allows us to work with not only portfolios but exclusive funds. However, Funds can many times be too expensive and affect results besides not allowing assets with no taxation.